Children’s aprons

I’ve been digging through my fabric stash and making some aprons. These are my favourite design as they fit the children (3-6 year old’s) and they can put them on independently. Of course they look beautiful too! Children can use the aprons for most of the practical life activities including food preparation and cooking, polishing … More Children’s aprons

Pom pom’s

I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this great way to make Pom pom’s! So much easier for little hands to wind the ball of wool around rather than have to poke it through the hole. It also means they can use a bigger ball of wool rather than the educator preparing mini balls that … More Pom pom’s

Ferns provocation

Following on from our mushroom investigation we are looking at ferns and have found this lovely page in Plants That Never Ever Bloom. Here is Brisbane some ferns grow like weeds but they are still fascinating! Ferns have be around for 360 million years according to fossils but most of the plants we see appeared … More Ferns provocation


Having looked at Landforms we are ready to look at Biomes of the world. I used these cards from Carrots are Orange. We were able to relate them to books about the Biome where we live in Queensland which has temperate and tropical rainforests, wetlands, desert and some spectacular volcanic core mountain ranges. There is so much … More Biomes

Flower Wreaths

In Autumn I put out these dried and plastic flower wreaths for the children to decorate. In Australia the children remember the poppy wreaths from ANZAC Day. However the children often get so involved with decorating the wreaths and spend so much time that they wish they could take them home. So here is an … More Flower Wreaths

Shells discovery

This activity was refined for a Montessori classroom so you may prefer to have a large selection of shells for children to rummage through if you have them. To make the shell book I just googled for colouring in outlines for the shells that I had. It’s lovely to have a wide selection of art … More Shells discovery