Kookaburra puppet

Here is a simple idea to extend your music or group times. The children can make puppets and collect a fallen gum branch for the tree. This is a great example of the song with kookaburra sounds and with the song sung in a round which is good fun to try. Here are the lyrics … More Kookaburra puppet


Mushroom provocation

We have had a bit of rain in sunny Brisbane recently and these beauties have been popping up all over the place. Natures very own provocation scattered about for us to discover. (We found the selection in the top middle picture at the grocers on special.) The Plants-That-Never-Ever-Bloom book is out again. Love these amazing pictures! … More Mushroom provocation

Invitations to play

I have recently had the pleasure of visiting a Reggio Emilio environment and I was reminded of the power of a provocation or an invitation to play. So I’m going to be experimenting with that a little. I chose this activity because my son brought these river rocks back from an adventure with his Granny. He told … More Invitations to play