Ferns provocation

Following on from our mushroom investigation we are looking at ferns and have found this lovely page in Plants That Never Ever Bloom. Here is Brisbane some ferns grow like weeds but they are still fascinating! Ferns have be around for 360 million years according to fossils but most of the plants we see appeared … More Ferns provocation


Having looked at Landforms we are ready to look at Biomes of the world. I used these cards from Carrots are Orange. We were able to relate them to books about the Biome where we live in Queensland which has temperate and tropical rainforests, wetlands, desert and some spectacular volcanic core mountain ranges. There is so much … More Biomes

Mushroom provocation

We have had a bit of rain in sunny Brisbane recently and these beauties have been popping up all over the place. Natures very own provocation scattered about for us to discover. (We found the selection in the top middle picture at the grocers on special.) The Plants-That-Never-Ever-Bloom book is out again. Love these amazing pictures! … More Mushroom provocation

Rain sticks

These gum nuts litter the road, gutters and front lawn at the moment and I am desperate to think of 100’s of activities to find something to do with them. They are great in clay so a fair few end up as eyes and ears and if you can find a few still attached to … More Rain sticks

Making birds

Its Spring and the birds and the insects are out and about. The Magpies are swooping and singing and their black and white feathers can be found all over. This is a lovely activity to make a simple bird to decorate your nature table, make a mobile or fly about. You could go to town … More Making birds