Montessori Flag activity

Children love making flags of the different countries. This poster was $1.00 through my son’s Scholastic book club. It’s important to source up to date information as there have been lots of changes recently! WeeBeastieBoy would pick a flag off the poster and ask to make that flag. The Welsh flag was very you know … More Montessori Flag activity


It’s silkworm time again! In Auguest each year in Brisbane the leaves on the Mulberry trees start to appear and thats the signal to get the shoebox off the shelf! I got these silkworms when they were a few weeks old so they had already grown and shed their baby black skins revealing these grey/white … More Silkworms

Gem stone investigation

Another Practical Life activity you can make easily with things you have at home. We picked up a big bag of polished stones from a garage sale. You can also get small polishing tumblers if you fancy polishing the stones you collect on your travels. Rock Tumbler or Hand Polish Have a magnifying glass at the reay so children … More Gem stone investigation