Mother’s Day

Wishing Mother’s all over the world peace this day and every day. To the lesson peace cards I Believe in Montessori have these beautiful Mother and children around the worls cards. I have sorted them into continents here. You could also pick one to represent each continent and place them on the continent maps. They are … More Mother’s Day

Japanese Boys Day

Japanese Boys Day on the 5th May is a great time to get out doors and fly a kite! Here in Brisbane it is Autumn with perfect kite flying blue sky days and winds. Here is our version of a carp kite or streamer just made with a piece of paper decorated with pastels and rolled … More Japanese Boys Day

Easter activities

An Easter collage An Easter story – a traditional Bavarian Easter story about the first Easter Bunny   Easter playdough – use up left over playdough for Easter egg decorations. Some fun colour mixing too! Use the metal inset to draw an egg shape (or draw freehand) and think of all the different ways you … More Easter activities

Gluing on a line

I have seen lots of beautiful ideas of open ended activities for children where they use natural found items to make patterns. I have also seen activities where this is done using a base board with a simple line on it. Maybe a zig zag or spiral like this. I found these lovely seed pods when … More Gluing on a line