Montessori Sunflower seed transfering activity

I used sunflower seeds to set up the ‘What plants need to grow’ experiment. To finish the experiment we gave each seed what it needed to grow and were rewarded with towering sunflowers. The flowers are gradually opening ready for the little Native Stingless bees. Now the flower heads are heavy with seeds so they … More Montessori Sunflower seed transfering activity


Gem stone investigation

Another Practical Life activity you can make easily with things you have at home. We picked up a big bag of polished stones from a garage sale. You can also get small polishing tumblers if you fancy polishing the stones you collect on your travels. Rock Tumbler or Hand Polish Have a magnifying glass at the reay so children … More Gem stone investigation


While we were on our last Christmas holidays (in the other hemisphere where it was most definitely winter) we were surrounded by pompoms. I had brought multi-coloured wool in my ‘might be useful’ bag of tricks so I thought I’d make some. This is how we make them at home or kindy. I made the … More Pompom’s

Froebel pinning

Friedrich Froebel invented kindergarten for young children where play and activity were  fundamental. He developed a systematic deployment of a sequence of ‘gifts’ to nurture creativity. “Froebel was using nature as the model of perfection to educate children. His goals were to teach children how to learn, observe, reason, express and create through play, employing philosophies of … More Froebel pinning

Montessori Inspired Wattle fine motor activity

1st September 2015 is National Wattle Day. My post Lets go outside to create took us into the garden to be inspired by the flowering wattle. This is another Wattle activity to try. You need: Yellow crepe paper or streamers cut into small squares. A basket to keep these in and a basket to put the wattle blossoms into once … More Montessori Inspired Wattle fine motor activity