Dyeing Easter Eggs

You will need free range eggs (white or as light as you can get them), stockings and flowers or leaves. You could probably use cheese cloth too if you can find a way to wrap it tightly around the egg to keep the flower in place. I’m going to try that next time as I … More Dyeing Easter Eggs


Flower Wreaths

In Autumn I put out these dried and plastic flower wreaths for the children to decorate. In Australia the children remember the poppy wreaths from ANZAC Day. However the children often get so involved with decorating the wreaths and spend so much time that they wish they could take them home. So here is an … More Flower Wreaths

Mushroom provocation

We have had a bit of rain in sunny Brisbane recently and these beauties have been popping up all over the place. Natures very own provocation scattered about for us to discover. (We found the selection in the top middle picture at the grocers on special.) The Plants-That-Never-Ever-Bloom book is out again. Love these amazing pictures! … More Mushroom provocation