Jacaranda cutting and gluing

I don’t know if its because we have been having a lot of rain but a few Jacaranda trees a flowering again! Its not the season and the whole tree isn’t bursting into a haze of purple like they usually do, just a dusting here and there. This activity is similar to something I saw at … More Jacaranda cutting and gluing


Making birds

Its Spring and the birds and the insects are out and about. The Magpies are swooping and singing and their black and white feathers can be found all over. This is a lovely activity to make a simple bird to decorate your nature table, make a mobile or fly about. You could go to town … More Making birds

Jacaranda time again

    The Jacaranda’s are flowering early this year. Actually lot’s of things are happening early. Even Australian mango’s that we usually see until the beginning of December, are in the shops in October! I’ve set up a paper tearing activity that can then be used for some collage. These pretty colours are perfect for the … More Jacaranda time again