Rain sticks

These gum nuts litter the road, gutters and front lawn at the moment and I am desperate to think of 100’s of activities to find something to do with them. They are great in clay so a fair few end up as eyes and ears and if you can find a few still attached to … More Rain sticks

Christmas Bingo

Looks like I’m behind the times with this one too! I downloaded this PDF of A-Z of Christmas matching cards from the wonderful I Believe in Montessori> I did change a couple of pictures so that I could stick to simple sounds as I was making this for a letter sounds game for 3 and 4 … More Christmas Bingo

Rock and Mineral activity

I photographed the rocks and printed them out for a simple matching activity. I’ve put the names on the back. Here are some more cards by http://littleschoolhouseinthesuburbs.com/2012/06/minerals-classified-cards.html/ The above is available from Montessori Print Shop I’m looking for something to explain the formation of Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic rocks. I’ve seen some interesting activities for weathering and … More Rock and Mineral activity