Children’s aprons

I’ve been digging through my fabric stash and making some aprons. These are my favourite design as they fit the children (3-6 year old’s) and they can put them on independently. Of course they look beautiful too! Children can use the aprons for most of the practical life activities including food preparation and cooking, polishing … More Children’s aprons


Montessori Inspired Introduction to Weaving

Are you looking for an activity to start your children on the art and craft journey?Maybe to strengthen their fine motor skills or develop their concentration? Would you like to encourage their interest in patternmaking and math? Perhaps it’s a trip down memory lane from your own childhood. These are just some of the reasons … More Montessori Inspired Introduction to Weaving

Montessori Practical Life egg shell crushing

Our worm farm is up and running. Aren’t children enthusiastic composters! All you need is some eggs shells and a pestle and mortar to extend their interest and help them to develop their fine motor skills…and their gross motor when they really get going! Children can crush the eggs and put them straight into the compost or … More Montessori Practical Life egg shell crushing