Observational drawings of nature

I found this great childrens book in the library called Patterns with these stunning close up pictures. I photocopied the pages of the things found in our environment. Popped each one into a display stand and left it on the table with some art materials.



This picture frame makes a beautiful display. $1.99 from Ikea.


These are watercolour pencils which are lovely for more detailed watercolours. Just draw with the pencil and then swoosh with the brush.


A leaf skeleton!


Two different types of wasp nests. I would have thought the one on the left was a Native wasp but I can’t find any pictures like it!


and a cluster of shells.

We are so lucky to have pictures and the real item to refer to.

Montessori believed that beauty could be found in nature and that nature itself should be and is the most infinite source of creative inspiration (Turner, 1982)

Lucy x


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