Invitations to play

I have recently had the pleasure of visiting a Reggio Emilio environment and I was reminded of the power of a provocation or an invitation to play. So I’m going to be experimenting with that a little.

I chose this activity because my son brought these river rocks back from an adventure with his Granny. He told me that he had seen painted rocks in a shop and wanted to try it himself.

So I set this out on a small blackboard to define the work space. I was interested to read more over at an everyday story/. Next time I could add a mirror to reflect the light and the unusual shape of the rocks and maybe some items or pictures of those natural shapes, maybe a spiral shell or swirly river. Luckily there is always next time!

file3 (3)

Then I remembered I wanted to send a thank you card to someone and this happened. I think I’m going to enjoy this experimentation, I hope you are inspired to give it a go too.


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