Montessori Inspired flower pressing activity

We have been enjoying this Pansy appreciation activity with natures inspiration blooming marvellously in the garden.

I’m reluctant to pick flowers just for activities but the pansy’s need to be deadheaded so they keep blooming. We arrange the flowers in the classroom and on the birthday table.



We get out one of our flower presses! This is the one I use at home with WeeBeastie.


Undoing the wing nuts is a great fine motor activity.


Take off the first layer of cardboard and blotting paper.


Place the flowers face down on the blotting paper and cover with the layers of blotting paper and card. Place on the cover and screw tightly. You may need to keep tightening this over the next couple of days. They will be ready after a couple of weeks.


Oh! Look what I found in the press from last time!


Pretty for a simple card?



Here is how I set out an activity for WeeBeastie. Granny loved the card 🙂


This is a great tray with compartments for the pressed flowers. This is to make bookmarks.


Aren’t they beautiful. They will last for years if you look after them.

book mark

Laminate the bookmark with the child then use a hole punch and thread some wool through to finish it off. I think there will be a lot of Granny and Grandpa’s getting pressed flower bookmarks for Christmas!

Here are some more ideas on my Pintrest board Pressing Flowers with Children

I still have a pressed flower card my Mum made for me when I was a little girl. Do you have any crafty keepsakes?

Lucy x

One thought on “Montessori Inspired flower pressing activity

  1. I think using the pressed flowers for bookmarks is a beautiful idea, Lucy and one that the children, once they have received the demonstration, can do easily and independently. You are so clever and creative, my friend!


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