Christmas Bingo

Looks like I’m behind the times with this one too!

I downloaded this PDF of A-Z of Christmas matching cards from the wonderful I Believe in Montessori>

I did change a couple of pictures so that I could stick to simple sounds as I was making this for a letter sounds game for 3 and 4 year olds. I did leave a few in as they are such Christmassy images such as wreath. If the children have been playing sound bingo all year its a good way of introducing the more complex language concept to them.

I printed two copies, then mixed them up and photocopied one set of six on one page and laminated it to make the bingo board and cut the others up to make the bingo cards. I have found putting them on a ring makes it easier for the bingo caller (especially if it’s a child) and it also means that everyone gets a card each round to keep everyone’s attention on the game. Use shiny Christmas coloured glass stones for the children to put on their bingo card when they have a match. Say ‘D’ deer as the card is shown so that the children hear the sound clearly.

Remember to encourage everyone to wait for all of the children to finish before they pack up. Just say  ‘Bingo!’ quietly and the game continues until everyone has finished.



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