Introducing Chinese New Year 2016


As you begin to introduce the Chinese New Year activities be careful not to flood the shelves with red and gold … you might find your peaceful atmosphere disappears!

This golden bell transferring activity should provide a gentle tinkle only.


Add some rice to the pouring or spooning activities and look ou for the lovely blue and white patterned bowls and spoons to use.

Try this activity Chinese New Year watercolour fireworks

Maybe some parts of the monkey cards and booklets? ( I just did a quick search and couldn’t find any so I’ll get back to you on that.) Also Chinese lanterns and of course the Chinese flag. Collect Chinese resources through the year from second hand shops and keep them in your display cabinet. Children love to take turns and carefully look at fragile items.

You can start painting paper plates red and sprinkling them with gold glitter which is the first step to making another fabulous Lucky Dragon.

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year in your home or centre? I would love to hear about it if you do.





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